Crazy murderhobo, Lord of the smash


Huge, tall man with pale skin and black hair. His face and body is scarred after many close calls. Later turned into Gnoll. Now even larger with brown fur.

Class: Level 10 Barbarian Totem Warrior
HP: 110
Age: 32. Aged 10 years after a encounter with some ghosts. Then aged another 30 years after encounter with more ghosts. Later turned into a gnoll on a personal quest and now has the body of a 10 years old gnoll.
Height: 208 cm/ 6.8 feet
Weight: 280 lbs / 127 kg
Titles: Baron of Austrigati

Owner of the sun blade, a 2 + weapon that emits sunlight, it’s versetile and you roll an extra 1d8 against undead creatures.


Bremer is from the far north, but he doesn’t know that. When he was 20, out on a campaign, he lost his memory, somehow. He doesn’t know how, but he knows there is a empty hole in his mind. He also noticed that there was something else inside his head, he doesn’t know what, but it speaks to him and strives for controll. If he loses controll his violence know no bounds. After years of struggle, Bremers mental health is very much strained, and at times the personalites seem to mix together.After losing his memories Bremer contiued his soldier life. His military career consisted of 3 campaigns, 3 battles, and some skirmishes . He was thought to speak elvish at some point. His body and face is scarred after many close calls.

After leaving the militia due a problem with the commanding officer, he has wandered looking for work. He also wishes very much to find his homeland again, and if possible regain some of his memory, if possible.


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