Collem Threetrees

God stat fighter


Collem is a tall and red haired.

Level 6 Fighter champion
HP: 70
Age: 20

Collem prefers fighting with an axe and a shield wearing heavy armour.


Collem was born in a town to a elven father and a human mother. His father was a traveling warrior, his mother a tavern wench. He grew up listening to stories his mother told him about his father, and he quickly realised he wanted to be a warrior too. So he started to pester a local knight to train him. He refused at start, as he had enough on his hands. However, after weeks of pestering the knights relented and decided to train him to shut his mouth. Collem worked hard, and learned how to use the axe , sword and bow. His mother had spent years with him, teaching him how to speak elven and he later got to learn Dwarish too . After some years the knight accepted him as his squire. Though never having faced battle Collem completed his time as a squire with little effort. The Knight (Kieri) applied for Collem to get knighted, sadly the application was refused due his lack of noble blood. Beleving he was more than worthy of being a knight, Collem left his home town seeking fame and glory.

Collem Threetrees

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