Kalervo Ristonpoika

A bear riding, ship sailing, dinosaur wrestling, magical hammer wielding, dragon slaying, immortal dwarven badass.


Name: Kalervo Ristonpoika of clan Ironmead
Title: Jarl of Balaerit
Age: 82
Height: 4’5ft
Class: Level 9 Fighter-Eldritch Knight
HP: 99
Fighting style: Favours warhammer and shield, throwing axes and magic for ranged.

Appearance: Kalervo is an average dwarf with brownish skin, black long hair and thick beard and calm green eyes. He’s well muscled and stout of build, representative of the first part of his clanname.
Clothes: Wears a full set of splint armor including a helmet on adventures. His casual wear incorporates a bandanna and a tunic, fancy clothes with his hair and beard braided.
Kalervo having a serious moment smoking his pipe.

Nowadays Kalervo is armoured in royal dwarven plate armour with gold and silver filigree.

Personality: Easy going with often a smile on his lips, but beneath this demeanor is a steely core that often pushes Kalervo towards the brave, if rash actions. From his history as a sailor Kalervo picked up caring more about getting the job done than who it’s done with, though fairness in pay and strong bonds of loyalty matter to him greatly. Fiercely proud he can be pushed to frankly suicidal acts of courage.


Once upon a time Kalervo lived in a mine under a mountain in Impiltur, a proud member of clan Ironmead. Then one day his courage was questioned, and after a tragic outcome he thought it best to leave, saying farewell to friends and family. His family had been exporters of dwarven mead for decades, as a result of which Kalervo easily secured work on sailing ships, having had somewhat uncommon interest in them. In this he took after his industrious father rather than his house- and bookkeeping mother

For years he worked as a sailor, making contacts and honing his trade. Some of his jobs had been to the Border Kingdoms, and one day having enough experience and wealth he took a chance and set off towards the Border Kingdoms to make a name for himself and experience new adventures.

Kalervo Ristonpoika

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