Merchant extraordinaire, King of Jews



Name: Lucius Tanzer Von Illusk
Alias/Nickname: Kashim
Title: Count of Caldarth

Age: 21(Magically aged to 61, appears to be in his 40’s)
Height: 5’11ft
Class: Thief/Fighter
Kashim, is of pale complection, tanned to swarthy by a life in the desert sun, his hair is a a short wavy mass of blonde sandy locks and his eyes are a deep sky blue.. Hes of average height for a human and his build is on the more slender side but clearly well toned from exercise

Merchant, Banker and trader all come under his occupations.. he handles money and goods and has done all his life.. as an apprentice of his Family business in Calimshan ‘The Tanzer Company’. As a side, he is an aptly trained thief. Something he largely keeps quiet for good business relations, using his skills to bolster his fortunes as an adventurer.

Intelligent, quick witted and equally quick handed. Hes a man of many talents and many tastes. Jovial and pleasant is frequently his manner but hes not a stranger to dirtier business should he be crossed or deceived in some fashion. His convictions are flexible for the right price…

Notable Gear:

  • Lucky Hat, His Famous Black silk Chaperone seems to give him remarkable good luck.
  • Um’Glir – The Ancestral sword of a long forgotten Elvish House. It wails when it is swung and bares gold, ivory and moonstone furnishings.
  • Signet ring of Clan Ironfist.
  • Magic Ornate Black (silk) and Gold thread cloak

Kashim was born in the Calimshan, namely Calimport, the sprawling capital of the desert, the biggest city in Faerun a place of long history and deep pockets. His father is a native from Luskan , a profiteering merchant, who settled in the great city to blossom his trade empire, which was modest by the standards of many in the Upper Sabans of society. Although this is only half true… (Otherwise known to Kashim his Father is an exile from Chessenta) He inherited many of his looks and business savvy from his Paternal line.

His mother on the other hand, is a native Calishite. A local to Calimport and a notable Thief, and its from her, he inherited his brazen and bold attitude for getting what he wanted, when he wanted. It was her prompt in no small measure that lead to him being sent out of the desert and into the wide world to make his ‘own’ ends and not to return until he had done so.. A harsh lesson for most, but from a woman who grew on the streets, you’d expect little else.

He decided on that, to head well away from Faerun, a stale and well plundered continent.. instead heading to the border kingdoms a land of would be pretenders and bold pioneers to seek his fortune…


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