Strange lizardfolk druid


This strange lizardfolk is garbed in custom tailored cloth and leather clothing that seems to be of very fine make. Rarely seen with the hood on her cloak down. She carries a snake headed staff.

Race: Lizardfolk
Age: 19
Height: 5’ 10"
Class: Druid
Sheet: here


Ssena is fairly short for a lizardfolk at 5’ 10", though she is young and lizardfolk are known to grow with age. She has leaf green scales which lighten on her underbelly. Her figure is athletic and strong from long years of survival and travel in the wild.

Ssena is, or was, an apprentice druid. She has no formal occupation, living off the land and helping tend to her masters lands while she learned the ancient ways. Now having been recognized as a full fledged druid by her rescued master, she is unsure of her place. Her power is growing over time and she can now easily call herself adept but it will take time for her to gain confidence to match.


Ssena used to be a human, but one morning after a poor fitful nights sleep and strange dreams awoke in a clearing changed in to a lizardfolk, garbed in now tattered clothing, damaged from the transformation. Her new body seems perfectly natural, and no magic could be detected. At first desperate and confused, she soon found signs her master had recently left in a hurry. For lack of direction and suspecting he might know something to do with her transformation, she gathered what she could and left in pursuit of him, garbed in long cloak and hood to conceal her new form.

After seven months travel she joined an adventuring party on their way in to the border kingdoms after following her masters trail there. It was not long before she tracked her master down and rescued him, having been a victim of the manipulations of a wizard named Barbas.


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