Border Kingdoms

Jurassic Jundar

actually Myrinjar

It was discovered that Myrinjar was overrun by dinosaurs created by old foe Barbas the wizard. The insert guild name here was hired to go help with the clean up.

As we travelled through the woods we ran into a pack of raptors that were promptly pummelled and then used as mounts. They were discovered to be transformed townsfolk, meaning that the wizards had something to do with it. Also the pale elf had released the wizard Barbas from jail.

We arrived on site to discover the other mercenary guild had killed a single monster and probably buggered off. Entering the city we eventually found the insert guild name here members. 3 main objectives were recognised: Library where Barbas is, tavern with captive citizens and mage college with the pale elf and “frog people”.

The party decided to ignore the main culprit, Barbas, for a shot at taking down the elf or at least discovering what these frog people were. It was soon discovered that the frog people are Slaads, creatures of chaos from another plane of existance. The elf seemginly having lead them in. An interplanar invasion is something to avoid and the destruction of the frog people begun.

In one of the library sections of the mage college a hole underground was found. What delves in the deep darkness is not yet known



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