The beginnings of something great…

Built on the foundations of the ruined village Sunhallow.

Defensive wall 10% complete
Fort – Staffed by 20 skilled hands and 40 unskilled

Mine – staffed by 200 unskilled
Tavern – The Winged Stag

Guard garrison – Staffed by 19 skilled kobolds, 4 Human,

Humans – 120
Kobold – 340

Trained hands- 3600gp per month
Untrained Hands 1440gp per month

Kashim stands up.. “I propose the Jundar be divided into 5 ducal tithes.” “Each of the 5 founders will be responsible for an area of the Jundarwood and our expanding territory. They will rule these areas on behalf of the whole.” “In place of the council, a lesser council will be formed.. Made up of the men and women of Jundar.. they will act as our civil agents.” “They will be voted into place by peers.” “And will sit term at our decree.” “This council is answerable to us.”


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